The central theme of the joint rural youth meeting is peace.
The motto can be experienced in the following five main themes:

Agriculture and food sovereignty

Agriculture, food security and food sovereignty are closely linked to peace. Inequalities are more pronounced than ever in agriculture. Many people worldwide live without access to fresh and healthy food, worldwide 15 children or adults die of hunger or malnutrition every minute. Wars and conflicts hinder the production and trade of sustainable food, while food insecurity can in turn cause instability and domestic political tensions. At global and local level, the challenges of agriculture and the goal of food sovereignty need to be looked at more closely. In addition to international developments, discussions on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Common and initiatives at local level, this key topic can be experienced in numerous workshops and panel discussions at RENDEZVOUS!

Economy and work

During the RENDEZVOUS! workshops, debates, visits experimental games and discussions with experts will show how the subject area of economy & work is linked to peace. What lies behind global phenomena of the distribution of work and prosperity, our personal relationship to the economy, public debt and war or peace in the world economy is to be critically questioned here. The RENDEZVOUS! offers room for rethinking both locally and globally: Where are there opportunities for action for a peacemaking economy? Economic stability, fair distribution of wealth and equitable relations in the region are also factors of peace on which we want to continue to build.

Living together on earth

Peace is not limited to the absence of conflict, but encompasses the entire dynamic, positive, participatory process of dialogue and coexistence on this earth. At the RENDEZVOUS! young people are given the opportunity to meet, live and work together, to act today in the world and to build together the world of tomorrow. The focus is on raising awareness of existing inequalities, both in our everyday living spaces and at the international level. In an age of increasingly complex migration, we must promote peace and, therefore, above all, dialogue, interaction and mutual understanding. The management and exploitation of the world’s natural resources are also a factor in war and tension. How we can deal with our planet sustainably will also be an exciting question at the RENDEZVOUS!

Institutions of democracy

A democratic system allows everyone to express themselves and participate in collective decisions. Democracy enables the recognition of all people in the same way as a person who is able to make decisions according to his own conscience. This is the first step of peace: peace with oneself. In peaceful coexistence, joint decision-making can be guaranteed – democracy can be seen as a basis for equal rights and respect for human rights and in the broader sense for peace. How democracy is concretely lived or should be lived and what democratic institutions in our Europe of tomorrow could look like are aspects that will be questioned at the RENDEZVOUS!

Faith, church, religion, democracy

The social thinking of the church finds its inspiration in places such as the International Peace Festival. With a critical view the KLJB- and MRJC members want to testify cosmopolitanism and connect the church with a fairer, more dignified and fraternal world. For thousands of years, the common faith has linked the peoples of different countries. Also during the RENDEZVOUS! walls can be torn down and bridges built, only by common faith. Together we will consider how spirituality still finds space in today’s society and what role religion can play in the face of intercultural tensions. In his encyclical “Laudato Si”, Pope Francis finally also shows how closely peace and the Church are connected, in which he calls for peace with oneself, but also for peaceful treatment of our environment.


Numerous cultural and sporting events such as concerts, sports tournaments, theatre, excursions and activities in Besançon round off the festival programme.