The program in detail

What am I actually expecting at…

… the Franco-German evening?

As a German-French country youth meeting, the RENDEZVOUS! is the biggest meeting of rural youth from the German KLJB and the French MRJC. In addition to guests from all over the world, the majority of the expected young people will come from Germany and France – and this fact is to be taken into account on the opening evening. Let yourself be surprised by an action-packed program! Break the ice and get to know the other festival participants around you, no matter if they are from Germany or France or another country, to spend unique and unforgettable for days of youth meeting together!

The evening will be rounded off by concerts and the possibility to entertain your new friends on the dance floor or at the bar for example.


… the workshops?

For each of the five main topics during the RENDEZVOUS! there is a huge selection of workshops on Friday morning and afternoon. Regardless of whether you are an expert in the respective subject or whether you are curious about some topics – numerous programme items are offered for every taste and level of knowledge. In addition to the five subject areas, you will also find a wide range of opportunities to become active in sports or to take part in cultural events. From 01.03.2018 you will find an overview of all workshop offers here. This is also the kick-off for the registration for these offers. Attention, attention! For many workshops there is a maximum number of participants, so it’s best to register early for your favourite! You will receive a confirmation of which workshops you can participate in in good time before the start of the RENDEZVOUS!


… the panel discussions?

The workshops are not the only ones that will continue to build on the Europe of tomorrow: Each of the five main topics will be discussed in a separate panel discussion. Particularly relevant questions from these topics are discussed here with prominent representatives from politics, the church and youth work, critically questioned and rethought. Guests from Germany and France will be represented. Translation is provided of course! An overview of which panel discussion on which topic takes place and when can be found here soon.


… the evening program in Besançon?

Of course, you can also use the opportunity to take part in a rural youth meeting in another country to get to know the host city a bit! The locals of Besançon will take you on a journey through the “greenest city in France” and let you discover the most beautiful sites – a lot of fun and funny encounters are guaranteed!


… the sports facilities?

During the days of friday and saturday there will be lots of possibilities do some sports! On the area of La Malcombe you can find sport offers for every taste!


… the plenary programme on saturday morning?

As an international peace festival, a prominent person will be a guest on Saturday morning. Be curious about moving impulses and inspiring thoughts, which are shared in the plenary session with all 5,000 expected participating young people!


… the concerts?

A big part of the cultural offerings is the musical supporting programme – in the form of lots of live acts during the RENDEZVOUS! Especially the Saturday evening is reserved for concerts, concerts and concerts: already now we can announce the band Début sur le Zinc for Saturday! But also on other days bands and DJs of different music styles will be represented. You will find the further line-up here soon.


… the spiritual impulse?

This part of the program consists of various offers. Depending on the religious background and personal convictions of the festival guests, different kinds of spirituality can be experienced or experienced. A large Eucharistic celebration is also embedded on Sunday morning.