With the Rendez-Vous, International Festival for Peace, we want to develop conviviality between young and old, locals and foreigners, artisans, volunteers, organizers, partners…
We want to promote accessibility for the greatest number of persons. Also, our aim for this big event is to promote cultural offers and local productions. And last, but not least, we want to promote an ecological and sustainable way of life.

To achieve all this and to ensure a smooth running of the event, we need YOU!

Every little action is useful. Every person willing to give some time for the festival matters and represents a big help.

Possible tasks for volunteers are:

Before the festival:
Distribution of posters and flyers
Providing information on social media

During the festival:
Helping at the bars
Receiving artists
Receiving participants
Coddling the volunteers
Driving trucks during the day
Installing circus tents
Selling tickets
Make the greatest dry toilets ever
Become a world-champion of Tetris-parking
And many other missions !

If you are interested in supporting us, or if you have any further questions, please contact us!