The RENDEZVOUS!-Locations

The RENDEZVOUS! will take place on different locations in the city of Besançon.
At each location you will find an information desk where you can ask for the way, for translation or any other kind of questions.


At a glance: In Micropolis you will find…

  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Parts of the program on which all RENDEZVOUS!-Guests will participate
  • DJ Partys at night
  • Bars and the possibility to have a glass 
  • an information desk
  • lot of action

Micropolis is an exhibition and congress centre in Besançon with many different halls. 4 of these halls will be used for the programme of the RENDEZVOUS! This is where all participants will be present, e.g. the opening night and the DJ parties. In a smaller hall there will also be a dining area for lunch and dinner and a large bar.


La Malcombe

At a glance: In La Malcombe you will find…

  • the camping area!
  • showers & toilets
  • sport offers in the sport area
  • an information desk
  • the possibility to relax at the moment in the grass…

La Malcombe is a huge sports complex in the city of Besançon, located only a few hundred metres away from Micropolis. One part of La Malcombe will be transformed in the camping ground. However, since there are residential buildings all around, a moderate noise level must be respected here, especially at night. Showers and toilets are located in the changing rooms in the buildings belonging to the sports complex.

But not the whole area will be just camping: On the sports fields you can get active on Friday and Saturday with lots of sporting activities!


Lycée Victor Hugo

At a glance: Im Lycée Victor Hugo you will find…

  • breakfest every morning! 
  • an information desk
  • the workshops on Friday and Saturday

The school “Lycée d’Enseignement Général & Technologique Victor Hugo” or in short Lycée Victor Hugo will also be an important location during the ENDEZVOUS!.

The exact adress of the school is:
1 rue Rembrandt
25000 Besançon

The Lycée is within walking distance of the La Malcombe sports and camping site. Many of the workshops will take place in the classrooms on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast will also be served in the school cafeteria every morning.