02.08.2018 opening


As a German-French youth meeting, the RENDEZVOUS! is the biggest meeting of rural youth from the German KLJB and the French MRJC. In addition to guests from all over the world, the majority of the expected young people will come from Germany and France – and this fact is to be taken into account on the opening evening. Let yourself be surprised by an action-packed program! Break the ice and get to know the other festival participants around you, no matter if they are from Germany or France or another country, to spend unique and unforgettable for days of youth meeting together!

The evening is splitted into 2 parts:

The official opening ceremony:
Welcome to Besançon!
What’s the story behind the idea of organizing the RENDEZVOUS!?
Why is peace such an important subject in Europe nowdays?
Let’s see what your story during this Peace Festival will be!

The german-french evening
Do you have a lot of clichés about Germany or France?
Do you know any songs from one of those countries?
Do you already know the people who have their tent next to you? – Here you will get the possibility to get to know those 2 countries but also the people around you!

The evening will be rounded off by a DJ-Party and the possibility to entertain your new friends on the dance floor or at the bar for example!

Time slots

  • Afternoon: Arrival, Check-In, installation on the camping ground located in La Malcombe


  • 18:30 Opening of the Micropolis area
    • Dinner
    • small animations on the RENDZEVOUS!-area to get in contact with other people


  • 20:00 Opening ceremony (hall B1)
  • 21:00 German-French program (hall B1)


  • 22:00 DJ Party