The RENDEZVOUS! at a glance

For Peace and international cooperation:
Four days of debates, workshops, talks, sports, music and party!

Thousands of European Youth, exchanging on various topics:
– Agriculture and alimentary sovereignty
– Ecology and environment
– Fair trade
– Local democraties
– Free-trade agreements and its consequences
– Work of the futur
-Alternative economic models
– Climate change and conflicts

And thousands of creative and cultural propositionS to build concrete projects, develop our collective voice and experiment!

– theatre, tales
– games
– music and danse
– artistical creations
– sports
– exkursions

And 3 nights of party, music and dance!

The RENDEZVOUS! in detail

The international youth meeting RENDEZVOUS! is jointly organized by the Catholic Rural Youth Movement of Germany (KLJB) and the Mouvement Rural de Jeunesse Chrétienne (MRJC). From 2 to 5 August 2018, this joint rural youth meeting will be held in Besançon, France, where 5.000 young people will meet in order to experience international encounters, to exchange ideas and to celebrate peace and to continue working together on a Europe according to their ideas.
As youth associations working for peace, sustainability, education, economy, ecology, intercultural cooperation and much more, the KLJB and MRJC 2018 are organizing an international peace festival for the first time.
Four days of meetings, discussions and joint celebrations invite young people from different countries to share their thoughts and initiatives – with the aim of sendig a signal for a strong Europe.
A special occasion for the joint rural youth meeting is also the 100th anniversary of the ceasefire after the war in 1918, which today commemorates the strong Franco-German friendship and European cohesion.
During the four festival days with a varied programme consisting of workshops, panel discussions, moving impulses, sports tournaments and concerts, the participants from different countries can meet and exchange ideas in order to bring fresh wind of change to rural development in their own homeland.