About the Catholic Rural Youth Movement of Germany e. V. (KLJB)

The Catholic Rural Youth Movement of Germany e. V. (KLJB) is a catholic youth association for young people in rural areas in Germany. Since 1947 KLJB has represented the interests of young people in rural regions and is committed to an active and vibrant church. The 70,000 members are committed to a fairer and more sustainable world. Organized in around 1,900 local groups, the KLJB members are active in various projects all over Germany and work with creativity and energy for their regions. These young people take the initiative and actively support their habitat around the topics rural development and agriculture, ecology and sustainability, international solidarity, faith and church, diversity and youth politics. The interests of the local groups flow together at diocesan and state level and finally at the federal level, where they take an active stand in political questions, questions of faith and religions and towards other organizations.
As an active member association of the MIJARC (Mouvement International de la Jeunesse Agricole et Rurale Catholique), KLJB is also committed to solidarity and sustainable rural development worldwide. MIJARC brings together organizations from over 40 countries worldwide with a total of around two million members.